The SAILS Group Is A Collection Of Companies

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There is a group of companies that is trying to attend to the needs of developmentally disabled adults and children. That group of companies is called the SAILS Group. The SAILS Group is a collection of companies that have dedicated their energies to teaching and assisting the developmentally disabled to live more functional lives. This is a goal of any person, adult or child, who is developmentally disabled. Some need help, others don’t—but SAILS Group is there for those that do.

The SAILS Group consists of a number of projects, like SAILS Bakersfield, SAILS Los Angeles, SAILS San Diego, Kids First Foundation, School Division, and Phase II. The company also provides access, through schools and community care agencies, to a wide variety of services for the developmentally disabled. Amongst those services are crisis homes for either adults or children, day programs and after school programs for the behaviorally challenged, specialized and CPP group homes for children, specialized and CPP adult residential facilities, BCVA behavioral consulting services, and many others. These services are highly flexible, of course, they can be customized according to the needs of the client. Additionally, transportation to and from the services can be arranged, simply contact the SAILS Group for details and a quote.

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